*Queen of hills*The beautiful ‘‘Queen of hills’’ bestowed many gifts on me; Self-confidence, Inner- peace, true friends, superabundance of happiness, never fading memories and last but not the least  My lost life…

I remember the feel of that fresh breeze on my face when, I looked out of the window. My hostel room was the perfect place for gazing stars. There was a panoramic window near my bed and whenever I felt low…or woke up at midnight; I used to watch the sky full of “tiny diamonds..

Watching clouds ⛅& rainbow🌈#hostel room

I really miss those beautiful nights when I was alone in my room dreaming of my “perfect future” with not so perfect plans. There is something magical in the environment and its beauty is impossible to describe in anything but our senses.
The best thing about Shimla is you never get bored of it. Actually, it’s a place of “modernisation and stagnation”. You have to be a nature or an art lover to see its beauty. You can see very good example of Indo-gothic, protégées and colonial time’s architecture. Well, it was the “Summer capital of India before Independence”,It has to be special! 

#Advance studies

Every place here has its own special thing to see and feel, As I was new to the place and only know limited locations, so I spent most of my spare time roaming nearby. And then one day as I believe in law of attraction, I met a person who was my friend’s friend—‘’loves walking and telling stories’’ and that was the day, how I met my “Best friend”. I love people who are open minded, expressive, funny and especially the ones who just vibe with whatever you talk about. I made many friends in those couple of year; we rambled a lot in the city. After my University classes we bummed around on different whereabouts. Our favourite route was— ‘‘Summer hill to Mall road’’.

🚥Route-Summer hill to mall road #Bunked classes#DSLR#fun

Shimla is known for many flamboyant entities; but what I noted is little different. The ridge and its full moon night ,The mall road and its Baljee’s “Gulab jamun, Himachali Rasoi and Aunty’s kitchen”, The Heritage road walk and fresh faces, the lower bazaar and its Sunday’s market crowd, the Summer hill (University life) and Potter hills, The Advance studies and  thandi sadak with its (keval ke dhabbe vali garma-garam chai aur bun butter) cup of warm tea with butter bun in keval’s restaurant, The toy train and railway tracks, The Boileauganj and blossoms, The Annandale  and its golf ground, The Tara Devi temple and track of the jungle, the Deodar trees and snow; everything so wonderfully complement each other; you can’t ignore. You will feel fresh with the flow like never before.

#Tara Devi track #my besties & classmates💞💖

Once you spend your time there…you automatically connect with it. The peace and greenery all around just freshen up your mood, mind, and soul. I remain Nostalgic about those old good days. There is a special place for Shimla in my heart and it’s never ever going to change. People came here from different places and countries all over the world, each one has his own point of view, But there is one thing in common they never go disappointed, like I said it before it’s not about seeing it; “It’s about feeling it’’. I discovered my true well-being there. You should try it once. Who knows what “you” will find !


36 thoughts on “Shimla from my perspective..!!

  1. U explain every hostler girl’s story in a very magnificent way…..after reading it I am missing Shimla really…..It was my dream city to be in… when I was I kid….and will remain my dream city…..I wish ….this dream comes true for rest of my life…. And girl i can say by reading it,that, you are really going to have a great future ahead…bless you

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  2. Good analysis of central idea. Intro deviate a little but well crafted. The last 2 lines are most intriguing. I don’t say its the best what you can write, but i will assure you, its one of the best, what i read. Good luck for future writing.


  3. Awsm work Mehul .. u r Soo talented…itz just the beginning…..i knw there is lot more to come …The Article is really Amazin and not only Shimla ..But the Whole Himachal Pradesh…is soo beautiful… i feel proud that i belong to Himachal….And my Sister cm Friend I am soo Proud of You ….

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  4. This is awsm swthrt…I sincerely appreciate the time you spent reviewing this.its just a start m waiting fr ur next story…work hard lv u so much may god bless you.

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      1. Yup I have heard about it , actually was there in Shimla in Jan for 2-3 days but shimla was all covered in snow and I had to rush due to some silly work.

        And next visit who knows … Anyways it’s good that you writing on such interesting things about shimla which will keep my hope alive and will work an email reminder for me.

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